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Karen Rose Smith

In 2017, my 97th novel will be published. I'm having so much fun writing my Caprice De Luca cozy mysteries that I become more emotionally invested in each book. This is why.

I created a heroine that has a lot of me in her. Caprice De Luca, home stager, has a background similar to mine. An only child, I dreamed of brothers and sisters and a big family like my mom and dad came fromóseven children in my mother's family and ten in my father's. On weekends I was often surrounded by aunts, uncles and cousins. Caprice has that large family and the complicated relationships that accompany it. I'm a child of the 60's, a lover of the Beatles and now I appreciate antiques and retro fashion. (After all, haven't the 60's fashions just come back?) You'll see all of this mirrored in my amateur sleuth.

Ebbie and LondonIt is no secret that I fell in love in college. My husband and I recently celebrated our 45th anniversary. I believe in the power of commitment and the hope that goes along with the promise of everlasting love. You'll see that reflected in my mysteries as well as my romances. I'll be concentrating on planting clues and solving murders. But a touch of romance, I hope, adds sparkle to this mystery series as well as my Daisy's Tea Garden cozy series due for release in 2018.

RReaders often ask me about my pastimes. I have herb, flower and vegetable gardens that help me relax. I enjoy raising heirloom tomatoes from seed. In the winter, I cook rather than garden. And year-round I spend most of my time with my husband, as well as our four rescued catsóZoie Joy, Halo, Paddy and London. You can read about my cats, book news, gardens and giveaways in my newsletter IN TOUCH.

Readers can find me on Facebook and follow me on Twitter. I like to chat about what I'm doing, how writing is going, movies I've seen and books I've read. I also post my latest kitty pics, gardening photos or cooking ventures. Interacting with readers is a past-time I enjoy. I'm looking forward to the release of SHADES OF WRATH this December and SLAY BELLS RING in November 2017. My first Daisy Tea Garden Mystery will be on the shelves in 2018. I'm thoroughly enjoying the mystery journey. I hope you are pulled into Caprice's and Daisy's adventures with me!

Happy reading.



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