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Silence of the Lamps
A Caprice De Luca Mystery




December 2016

Wendy Newcomb, director of the Kismet women's shelter Sunrise Tomorrow, is thrilled when the shelter receives a legacy. Leona Wyatt has left the organization not only her huge Tudor mansion but a monetary inheritance to accompany it. Wendy asks Caprice De Luca, home stager and decorator extraordinaire, to scope out the house and renovations. She hires Caprice to decorate the mansion to serve women who need more than an overnight port in a storm.

When Wendy is murdered in the mansion, Caprice is pulled into the investigation by the assistant director of Sunrise who wants a quick resolution to the investigation so new plans for the mansion aren't impeded. In her drive against domestic violence, Wendy has made enemies. Not only the husbands of women she has sheltered or relocated but also co-workers as well as Leona Wyatt's children. And what about Wendy's significant other who is instrumental in running the cooperative neighborhood where he, Wendy and his teenage boys live? Caprice's life is about to change as she accepts a marriage proposal, helps her uncle adopt kittens, sees her sister Bella attach to a stray cat, and learns whether Wendy was a blackmailer or the one being blackmailed. Caprice finds herself in danger once more as she asks questions and even calls on St. Anthony for inspiration to solve this murder mystery.




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