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Team Caprice

An Invitation to Join TEAM CAPRICE!!!

I'm inviting you to join TEAM CAPRICE, a "street team" for my Caprice De Luca mystery series.

Just what is a street team and what do members do?

A street team is a loyal group of readers who want to spread the word about an author, book, series or all of the above! Street team members can help authors spread the word about a book by sharing on Facebook, tweeting and retweeting on Twitter, pinning on Pinterest, or sharing news on blogs. Your reviews on Goodreads, Amazon, and Barnes and Noble are appreciated, too. The choice of what you'd like to do is up to you!

I appreciate each and every one of my readers. Twenty-four years ago when my first book was released, I earned romance readers one at a time. Now I'd like to do the same with mystery readers. If you become part of TEAM CAPRICE, you will be the first to know about a new release, the first to glimpse my covers, the first to hear about the plot of my latest mystery. The object of each member of the team is to create a discussion, fanfare, or quiet recommendation for the mysteries and the series.

As a thank you for your help in creating a buzz, I'll send involved members tokens of my appreciation from signed cover flats, to advance copies, to retro souvenirs my sleuth Caprice enjoys--like Beatles refrigerator magnets--to cute kitty and doggie mementoes. Caprice adores animals and takes in strays. Anyone can join TEAM CAPRICE, but due to present postage costs, swag will only be mailed to United States members.

You can sign up for street TEAM CAPRICE on the form below. I'd be glad to answer any questions you might have if you email me by clicking on "Contact Karen" in the menu at left or at karen (at) karenrosesmith (dot) com.

I hope this will be a fun and rewarding adventure for all.





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