Meet Caprice


Home Stager – A person who prepares a private residence for sale in the real estate marketplace by making it a more welcoming and attractive home, which will sell more quickly and for more money.


Caprice De Luca—Home stager and amateur sleuth

I never thought I’d solve a murder!

I’m just an ordinary woman, thirty-two years old this year. I love my big family. My younger sister Bella sometimes drives me crazy. My older sister Nikki always tries to give me advice. My brother Vince hovers sometimes like older brothers do. Because I’ve always been curious and slightly rebellious, my parents usually take a hands-off approach. Usually. However, my Nana Celia tells me exactly what she thinks and even gives me decorating pointers. Except for Bella, they all accept my quirks—I love anything retro, especially the 60’s and the Beatles, and wear vintage fashions when I can find something that suits me. Bella can’t understand why I like wearing “old” clothes and especially doesn’t understand why I take in stray animals and find them good homes!

Speaking of animals, a long-haired calico named Sophia (after my Nana’s favorite actress Sophia Loren) pretty much owns me. She has me trained to give her cream whenever I have it in the fridge and has her own turquoise carpeted cat tree in our living room. In addition to Sophia, an adorable mop of a dog, Dylan—I’m a Bob Dylan fan, too—lives with us for now.

Did I mention my roots are Italian and I enjoy cooking like my mom and nana? My sisters do join me in this hobby and at least once a month when we all gather at my parents’ house for Sunday dinner, everybody cooks something…except for Vince who brings the wine.

When the economy declined, my home decorating business took a hit. So I reinvented myself into a home stager. My specialty is now themed, high-end client stagings. (Though I still love decorating a single room for a client, too.)

I can’t tell you about the murder I’m solving. I don’t want to give too much information to you because it will spoil your attempts at investigating with me.

Just know I’m glad you’re reading along, meeting my friends and family in Kismet, Pennsylvania, and getting to know my furry friends.

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