Meet Daisy

Meet Daisy Swanson

Just how did I end up being owner of a tea garden in Willow Creek, Pennsylvania?

I expected my life would take a certain path. I was living in Florida with my husband and two daughters, Jasmine and Violet. When my husband died, I had to make a few decisions. After long discussions with my family who live in Willow Creek, especially long talks with my Aunt Iris who is a tea connoisseur, my girls and I agreed to make the move back to Pennsylvania.

Willow Creek is a tourist town, especially in spring, summer and fall. So, along with my Aunt Iris, we decided to open Daisy’s Tea Garden in an old Victorian downtown. My best friend from high school, Tessa Miller, is my kitchen manager and an artiste in every sense of the word. She lives on the second floor of Daisy’s Tea Garden and paints in her attic studio. Another friend from high school, Cade Bankert, who escorted me to my high school prom, is a real estate agent who found us the tea garden property as well as the old barn I had renovated and the girls and I now call home. When I was a little girl, one of my best friends was Amish. Rachel is still a good friend today. She runs the shop, Quilts and Notions, across the street from Daisy’s Tea Garden.

Jazzi, who is fifteen, is adopted and is now searching for her birth parents. Vi, who is eighteen, went off to Lehigh College this year. Jazzi and I both miss her dearly. We have been living in Willow Creek for two years now. The tea garden is doing surprisingly well. At least it is until a murder occurs there.

Jonas Groft, a former Philadelphia detective, owns a woodworking shop down the street from Daisy’s. Although, after my husband died, I decided never to need a man again, I feel something electric whenever Jonas is in the same room. He has a protective attitude that sometimes rankles, but with his help, I found myself solving a murder!

I love to create recipes to offer customers at Daisy’s Tea Garden. You’ll find a few of those recipes in each of my murder mysteries.

I look forward to seeing you at Daisy’s Tea Garden as you get to know me…and my family…and my friends.



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